Dmitriy Talykov
The task was to redesign the office so that there would be a lounge area in the company colors. The important point is that the office had to be made in the existing space, leaving some of the furniture. After several iterations, a visualization was made, which completely satisfied the client.
The office of the general manager
Outcome - in the spring of 2023, the project was handed over for demolition of the premises
Date - spring 2023
Duration - 1 week
The work was complicated by the fact that it was done remotely. And the room plan provided had discrepancies with the actual dimensions. The partner had to go on site and re-measure everything.
Having studied the space and talked to the owner of the office, it was revealed that the manager needs to see the entire space of his office.

For this purpose we moved the desk to the corner to the window, the light falls conveniently for writing on the left. To the right of it we placed a sitting area. meeting area with a board for important notes.
Once a year, the CTC television company holds an outdoor event. We developed the style of the beach holiday. Beach attributes and lightness were expressed in beach umbrellas in the style and color of the brand.
STS roadshow event
Outcome - summer 2023 the project was handed over
Date - Spring 2022
Duration - 1 week
During the discussion, our creative team came up with the idea of a beach picnic. The client liked the idea right away and requested a visual concept. Which in the end was accepted for execution.
The task was to make a non-trivial animation, key moments for the website of a diaper company. Initially, the style was kind, cartoonish. It was necessary to fit into the brand canon and make it effective. Prototype animations were developed in IStudio. This app was technically better suited to what was intended. To use paralax, to give depth and volume, that's my thing.
Animations for the Sonkei baby diaper company website.
It was important to emphasize the airiness and tenderness of the product. To create a fairy tale mood. Tenderness and warmth of mother and child in the soft sunlight.
Interactive elements on the site that are pleasantly surprising. For example, when hovering over the package, the illustration comes to life.
Sonkei needed models of their product for use in banners, marketplaces and other types of visual advertising.
3D diaper.